Life inside the Toybox

Facing your fears…. So, recently I have been thinking about things that we put off because we just don’t like doing them, or think that we cannot do them. My mind has recalled some things that have been scary for me, but I ploughed on to achieve the outcome. Sounds easy enough, right? Well yes and no.


Spiders…. I can cope seeing a little one wander around the living room, but this one was a step to far! I had a stall at a weekend event in Bewdley, and, rather than travel back and forth I opted to stay in a lovely lodge just around the corner from the event. All was well, until I went to put the kettle on. If I was at home, I would have called for my husband who would have dealt with it for me, but I was alone and no way, was I going to call the owners and ask for help with a spider! I had a chat with the spider about facing your fears, grabbed a glass, opened the door and set the spider free from the kitchen sink. Winner!

large spider in kitchen sink, Polly's Toy Box
Spider in the sink


Accounts…. Hmm, I find them so tedious and cannot understand why some consider them ‘fun’. A friend who for some reason likes accounts said she was not going to suggest a coffee catch up until I could confirm my accounts were completed and sent off to the HMRC. Go without coffee? Time to face your fears I cried.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what’s in my account and have all the required documentation, I can just find more interesting things to do that input that data into a package.

Wow, harsh, I thought, depriving me of coffee with my friend but it spurred me on (as did the legal deadline 😉) to get the job completed. I have made a start on this year’s accounts too, just incase my friend deprives me of coffee for any longer! Winner!


Sign suggesting it is time for coffee. Polly's Toy Box
Time to stop for coffee.


What about you, do you have tasks that you put off? Let us know…